Square Puzzle: A Brain Activity That Can Rejuvenate All Your Senses

Published: 28th February 2011
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The square puzzle is another kind of fun brain activity. Again, people of all ages can play and find their solutions.

Each square puzzle can have different number of pieces and the game is to fit them to form a perfect square. Square puzzles can range from the very easy to the exceedingly difficult, with the difficulty level increasing with the age of the solution finder. The scramble square has only nine pieces. Each piece has a colorful graph. The solution is to assemble each colorful piece into a 12" by 12" square so that the whole puzzle shows some meaning with a completed design in every direction. Due to the immense possibility of creating different designs from these pieces, it is extremely difficult to get the right design despite numerous trials. Designs vary and contain wonderfully illustrated pictures on art, history, geography, science, technology, hobbies, nature etc to name a few but keep the interest level high. The styles and pictures are renewed every six months. These puzzles are easy to play but quite difficult to solve and can easily be termed as the most challenging puzzle in the world

There is also the missing square puzzle. This is used in teaching Mathematics and consists of two arrangements of a right angled triangle that fits together to form a square. It is an optical trick that has a 1x1 hole inside the figure. This helps students to think logically about geometrical figures. Other square puzzles use quadrilaterals that fit together to form a perfect square, with or without an empty space in the center.

Besides providing aid in solving mathematical problems, square puzzles also increase vocabulary. These are called square word puzzles. It consists of a 4 x 4 grid of letters with the solution being to find at least 3 more letters to make a proper word. Many words can be made using the main alphabet and the other three letters. A similar kind of Square Puzzles with numbers is a su-doku that is an excellent way to develop your reasoning.

Square dot puzzles are also available. Here, you have to make perfect squares by joining the dots that are given in the figure. These help in spatial imagination and are especially good for young children.

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